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Who We Are

MKT Wealth Management, founded by Matt Todsen, is a full-service financial planning firm comprised of a dynamic team of seasoned industry professionals. With decades of experience helping clients overcome financial obstacles and stay on the path to prosperity. We have the tools and experience required for you to achieve continuity of lifestyle and enjoy a more predictable future of financial security.

Although our office is located in Irvine, CA, our team of advisors have strong roots in the South and live and operate our business on the principles of family and community that have been instilled in us for generations. As our client, you are an extension of our family, and we act solely in the best interest of you and your loved ones, equipping you with personalized, viable solutions to keep you on track to maintaining financial peace of mind and enjoying a comfortable future.

If you’re seeking solid financial guidance for a more predictable, comfortable future for yourself and your loved ones, we want to help you. Call us today at (949) 209-9441or email